Visibility intelligence tailored for the mobile carrier evolved packet core

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Introduction to MobileStack

Keysight's MobileStack provides subscriber-level traffic visibility inside mobile core networks. By deploying MobileStack to correlate the user and data planes within both GTP and SIP traffic, your monitoring probes are able to work more efficiently while you gain a higher degree of control of your mobile networks.

Keysight’s Mobile Core Visibility

As the world moves to 5G, the number of mobile subscribers is increasing rapidly, and subscribers are using their mobile devices for much more complex tasks than ever before. To address these concerns, service providers are implementing mobile core visibility.

Keysight’s 5G visibility solutions now include MobileStack on Vision X, the highest performance mobile core visibility platform in the market today, built for transitioning your service assurance platform to 5G.

MobileStack can correlate hundreds of millions subscriber sessions and almost 2000 gigs of user plane traffic per chassis and is built from the ground up for 5G performance.

MobileStack Enabled Products



Vision X with
GTP Correlation

Vision X with GTP
Flow Distribution (ELB)

GSC 7433

Vision ONE


GTP Correlation  X   X   X
GTP Load Balancing  X X X   X
GTP Flow Distribution    X      
Subscriber Filtering     X   X X X (Deny-by only)
Allowlist X   X X  
Sampling X   X X  
Subscriber Filtering X   X    
X   X X (SIP only)  
Backup and Restore X   X    
GRE Origination X X X   X
GRE Termination X X     X
Simultaneous PacketStack functionalities X X      
S1/S11 X X X X X
X X X   X
S6a         X
X X X X  
S8 X X X X  
S2b X X X    

Visibility for the Mobile Core


Subscriber satisfaction drives a mobile operator's business health. Operators need a monitoring structure that provides them the information they need to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) of key issues. An infrastructure that allows them to manage quality of service (QoS), monitoring, and quality of experience (QoE).

Specialized visibility, tailored for the evolved packet core (EPC), whether in physical, virtual, or hybrid deployments, is required to create a scalable monitoring infrastructure. MobileStack capabilities provide the subscriber-aware visibility an operator needs. These capabilities are offered on Keysight's GTP Session Controller (GSC), Vision ONE with VoIP, Vision X, and in CloudLens.

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