Dynamic Power, Dynamic Measurements, Higher Accuracy

The Keysight Advanced Power System (APS) N7900 Series is a full-featured supply designed for automated test equipment (ATE) applications that benefit from high-speed dynamic sourcing and measurement. The highly integrated N7900 enables you to accelerate your test-system throughput with industry-leading speed and precision measurements. The APS N7900 has all the capabilities of the N6900 but also includes dynamic output power, dynamic measurements, and higher accuracy. While standard on the N7900, high accuracy, dynamic sourcing, and power are available as separate options on the N6900.

  • Improves on Keysight N6900 accuracy, including a second seamless current range
  • Measurement enhancements over the N6900, improved voltage and current data logger
  • Deploy N7900 supplies in parallel to deliver up to 10 kW
  • Dynamic outputs, arbitrary waveforms, list capability, and 6x improvement in up/down programming time
  • Add full, 2-quadrant operation to any APS power supply with the N7909A APS power dissipater unit
  • Versatile I/O, LAN (LXI Core), USB and GPIB

PathWave BenchVue Advanced Battery Test And Emulation Software

Achieve higher accuracy, repeatability, and safety with an emulation-based unique battery model. Modeling enables you to determine your device's power consumption, emulate an actual battery, and import existing battery models.

  • See how your device consumes power and simulate actual batteries.
  • Import existing battery model data from a CSV file or integrate into an existing program with API calls.
  • Test and emulate batteries up to 200 kW and up to 2 kV.
  • Profile batteries through charge / discharge to create a unique battery model.
  • Emulate charge states to reduce test time, improve safety, and test repeatability.
  • View the charge / discharge and cycle batteries process to determine capacity, loss of capacity, and reduction of battery life.

Versatility has never been faster

There is an art to the trade-offs you make when you need to integrate your test system quickly, test your products faster, and stay within budget. Keysight’s small, flexible, and market-leading-fast APS N7900 Series DC power supply with VersaPower architecture can make those tradeoffs easier. We can help you achieve the optimum balance of test coverage, quality, and device test time.

N7900A - Versatility has never been faster

Key Specifications

Number of Outputs


Total Power

1000 or 2000 W

Rack Units

1 or 2

Ripple and Noise

1 to 3 mVrms



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