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ABC's of Test Accuracy


For 77% of companies, tighter tolerances, manufacturing complexity, and more demanding customer requirements make product quality harder to achieve.

The risk of inaccurate product testing is immense. Whether your product is a microchip or a large satellite, accuracy, and repeatability are critical to your technical and business success. Test ensures that you meet your product quality standards. Accurate test measurements minimize risk and maximize business returns. Those measurements rely on your test strategy, which comprises three areas:

  • test system design
  • test system performance — accuracy and repeatability
  • test system operation

Test risk could lead to a missed market window opportunity, product recalls, damage to your company’s reputation, and missed earnings. A solid test strategy is one of the most powerful tools for lowering risk. Accurate test equipment performance ensures that your products meet their intended specifications and yield targets.

Calibration is key to test equipment accuracy and repeatability. Yet 92% of companies experienced a product recall, increased returns, or lost yield from test equipment that was out of calibration.


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Column Control DTX