The programmable multiport time and phase coherent PROPSIM RF transceiver platform provides full control on RF signal time, phase, and amplitude. In addition to real-time RF channel emulation PROPSIM platforms support RF signal measurements and signal waveform transmissions with embedded signal analyzer and waveform generators.

Validate the Real-life Performance of Your Designs

Keysight's PROPSIM Channel Emulators offer the industry’s widest signal bandwidth and the highest number of fading channels to address complexities associated with the introduction of new technologies for 6G, 5G, Wi-Fi®, satellites, aerospace and defense communication systems:

  • Dynamic multipath propagation
  • Range pathloss and blocking effects
  • Doppler from mobility and multipaths
  • Noise and synchronous programmable interference
  • Multiport RF signal measurements, embedded signal analyzer and signal generators.

Versatile and easy-to-use channel modeling and emulation tools enable users to simulate and test instantly across a wide range of wireless technologies on devices and networks, including:

  • 5G and 5G Advanced use cases
  • Prototyping 6G technologies
  • Massive MIMO, Extreme MIMO, Giga MIMO
  • Non-Terrestrial Networks, NTN (3GPP and non-3GPP)
  • Integrated Sensing and Communications, ISAC
  • Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be) use cases
  • Prototyping Wi-Fi 8 (802.11bn) technologies
  • Ultra-wideband and Bluetooth LE use cases
  • RF channel emulation from HF to mmWave frequencies

PROPSIM solutions are extensively utilized in 24/7 fully automated test environments to validate and verify performance and stability of new software releases on devices or radio networks prior to field deployment.

Key Specifications

Frequency Range

3 MHz - 7.25 GHz

7.15 GHz - 17 GHz

Number of RF Channels

8-64 TRX

Signal Bandwidth

200 MHz / 1.6 GHz

PROPSIM Platforms

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