Develop your technical knowledge and meet with industry experts and peers at Keysight's Hotspots Special 2019 event. Expect a full-day schedule, tailored to your interests. As an electronics engineer, stay at the forefront of technology by attending this unique day at Keysight.

What is Keysight offering you?

  • Expert training on measurement fundamentals in RF/microwave and digital
  • Applications in IoT and automotive
  • Insights into sensors, power, data communications, and more.

You’ll receive a mix of theory and learn practical measurements with Keysight instruments. Join us to learn, discuss your measurement challenges, and try out the equipment.

Who should attend?

Engineers and technicians developing and testing RF/microwave and digital designs who want to expand their knowledge and gain the latest technology insights.

What to do?

The seminar is structured to deliver 2 fundamental topics during the morning session and 2 application topics during the afternoon session, select the tracks you wish to attend for each session and register now to make the most out of a 1-day time investment.


Les Ulis, France
Tuesday, October 8
Presentations will be delivered in French

Böblingen, Germany
Thursday, October 24
Presentations will be delivered in German

08:30 – 17:00 CET



Morning Sessions – Fundamentals

RF and Microwave Measurement Insights

Focus on measurement science behind RF and microwave topics:

  • Signal analysis
  • Signal generation and digital modulation
  • Network analysis

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Digital Measurement Insights

Focus on measurement science behind digital topics:

  • Oscilloscope measurements
  • Probing fundamentals
  • Power integrity and crosstalk analysis

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Afternoon Sessions – Applications

Automotive and Power Testing Insights

Focus on deepening your application knowledge and market insights in automotive and power measurement.

  • Quickly realize your vision of autonomous driving and e-mobility
  • Bring your breakthrough electric vehicle innovations to market faster

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IoT Testing – Consumer and Industrial Insights

Learn how to solve your IoT challenges in these critical areas:

  • Maximize IoT Device Battery Life
  • Overcome IoT Wireless Design and Test Challenges

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Tuesday, October 8
Les Ulis, Paris, France.

Keynote Speech
“Usine Du Futur" – En quelques slides!
Dr. Patrice Gamand, Alpha Rlh Cluster, France

Thursday, October 24
Böblingen, Germany.

Keynote Speech
„Eine etwas andere Reise in das IoT – Anschnallen, es könnte spannend werden!“
Guido Burger, Director Digital Transformation, Salesforce


Morning Session – Fundamentals

08:30 – 09:00 Registration
09:00 – 09:15 Welcome and Overview
09:15 – 12:30 Fundamentals Sessions, topics available:

  • RF and Microwave Measurement Insights
  • Digital Measurement Insights

12:30 – 13:15 Lunch

Afternoon Session – Applications

13:15 – 13:45 Networking and Keysight Exhibition
13:45 – 14:45 Keynote Presentation
14:45 – 15:00 Break
15:00 – 17:00 Applications Sessions, topics Available:

  • IoT Testing – Consumer & Industrial Insights
  • Automotive and Power Testing Insights

RF & Microwave Insights

RF and microwave technologies are prevalent in more and more electronic devices. Understand the theory behind the most common measurement instrument used in this field. This seminar track will review the fundamentals of signal generation and analysis, and device characterization.

Signal Analysis Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals and gain an understanding of how spectrum analyzers and vector signal analyzers work. Understand how to use these tools to their full potential to make them more effective for your application requirements.

Signal Generation and Digital Modulation Fundamentals

In this presentation, you will learn signal generation concepts from basic continuous wave (CW) to more advanced digital modulation. We will review measurement challenges related to analog modulated signals in the RF signal chain, including phase-noise and signal synthesis using voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) and phase-locked-loops.

Network Analysis Fundamentals

This presentation provides a review in RF basics, understanding of S-parameter measurements, and the examination of the architectures and calibrations of VNAs.

Digital Measurement Insights

The rapid increase of data consumption is driving wider adoption of high-speed digital signals in electronic products. This increases the complexity of your design, including how to test and debug your product. Making the right decisions early in the process will enable you to avoid prototype respins to bring your product to market before the competition.

This seminar track addresses the challenges facing designers and developers at component, circuit, and system levels.

Oscilloscope Measurement Fundamentals

Learn oscilloscope measurement fundamentals — bandwidth, sampling rate, aliasing, triggering, update rate, and more. The presentation includes an introduction to more advanced topics like jitter analyses and compliance testing.

This seminar gives you the foundation to make accurate and repeatable measurements.

Probing Fundamentals

Probing is critical to making accurate measurements. There are a wide variety of probes available, from multipurpose passive probes to probes that specialize in a specific measurement. For example, high-speed differential, single-ended, power rail, current, high voltage, and more.

In this seminar, we will discuss how to choose the right probe and share tips on making accurate measurements.

Power Integrity & Crosstalk Analysis

The DC power supply is receiving more and more scrutiny as supply voltages and tolerances are getting tighter to decrease power, increase yield, and minimize supply induced signal noise.

We will discuss the effects of oscilloscope noise, probe noise, probe attenuation ratio, offset range, input range, connection technique, and measuring supply/signal cross talk.

Cross talk is a challenge in today's high-speed serial design because it can corrupt the data transmission, closes the eye-opening as well as adding jitter into your design. Cross talk comes from various aggressor sources such as adjacent high-speed bus, power supply, phase lock loop, and reference clock. You will learn how to debug cross-talk issues with a real run-time oscilloscope.

Automotive and Power Testing Insights

Realize Your Vision of Mobility Faster

In the automotive industry, autonomous driving and e-mobility are shaping many of today’s most significant ideas as modern vehicles require mission-critical safety and interchangeable multi-vendor components to work together reliably. Designers are working to create what comes next by redefining the future of mobility through wireless communications, sensor systems, automotive networks, batteries, and cells. Test solutions that help you transition your innovations from concept to reality will become even more critical.

Attend this keynote presentation to learn how our innovations in design and test solutions are empowering automotive industry designers and manufacturers to create high-quality, high-performance products while mitigating safety risks. It is all about getting there first and realizing your company’s vision of mobility

Bring Breakthrough Electric Vehicle Innovations to Market Faster

Designing new power electronics to facilitate renewable energy integration, developing technological advancements in electric and hybrid electric vehicles — design and test parameters are evolving rapidly.

Attend this session to learn how you can deliver better battery performance, improved electric drivetrains, efficient charging stations, and better power conversion in your designs. Learn how to bring your breakthrough energy innovations to market faster and more safely.

IoT Testing – Consumer and Industrial Insights

Maximizing IoT Device Battery Life

IoT devices are often battery or self-powered and have limited energy storage. To optimize battery runtime, it is important to measure, analyze, and optimize battery drain at all phases of your device’s development. This includes both hardware and software. Techniques such as current drain profiling and analysis can help you achieve the optimal balance between performance and power consumption.

You will learn how you can measure wide dynamic current range seamlessly from sleep to active and identify critical RF/DC events that contribute most to power consumption. Hear how to detect design weakness, estimate battery life, and a better way to power your devices during test and development.

Overcoming IoT Wireless Design and Test Challenges

Numerous wireless technologies and standards continue to emerge to serve the diverse requirements of IoT applications. Various networks can support applications ranging from simple battery-powered sensors to the low-latency, high-bandwidth, and mission-critical services. As devices need to support multiple standards, testing these devices becomes increasingly complex. The high-density of connected devices sharing similar frequency bands can cause co-channel and adjacent channel interference. How to ensure devices function reliably besides passing the regulatory tests? We will address these wireless test challenges and help you overcome them.

You will also learn about the new over-the-air wireless functional test and radio access network solutions.

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