Battery Life is IoT Device Life

IoT Device Battery Life Test

Long battery life is a key differentiator in consumer buying decisions. And while batteries are inexpensive, replacing them is not. Replacing batteries often costs more than the IoT device. Explore this eBook today to learn how to easily optimize the battery life in your IoT devices.

Shave months off your development time

Keysight’s power analysis software provides the insights you need to make critical decisions that save time and money.

Learn how a water meter manufacturer used Keysight's event-based power analysis software to gain better insight and reduced its development and test time by two months. The solution improved the design by extending the battery life to over 10 years.

Start optimizing battery life today

Take steps today to optimize the battery life of your device. If you already own a compatible DC power analyzer, try the power analysis software with a 30-day trial free of charge.

No hardware? No problem. The trial license comes with preloaded IoT sensor data so you can perform post-measurement analysis on your device. 

Download and install the 30-day free trial license today.


Simplify test development

Looking to streamline IoT device testing? The X8712A IoT device battery life optimization solution combines a DC power analyzer and electronic DC load modules with the software to create one integrated solution.

The X8712A automatically correlates critical RF or DC events of your device to the power consumed to help you to quickly identify the areas that are using the most current.


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