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N9032B PXA X-Series Signal Analyzer, Multi-touch

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The current web page context is a data sheet for the **Keysight N9032B PXA X-Series Signal Analyzer**, a multi-touch device that offers high-performance spectrum and signal analysis from 2 Hz to 50 GHz. The device can perform various measurements such as EMI, phase noise, noise figure, distortion, modulation analysis and more. It can also support wide-bandwidth IQ analysis up to 2 GHz with real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) capabilities. Some of the key features and benefits of the N9032B PXA X-Series Signal Analyzer are: - It has a low displayed average noise level (DANL) of -174 dBm/Hz and a high third-order intercept (TOI) of +24 dBm for superior dynamic range and sensitivity. - It has a fast sweep speed of up to 510 µs for full span and a fast tuning speed of less than 5 ms for reduced test time and increased throughput. - It has a flexible frequency range that can be extended up to 1.1 THz with external mixers or up to 110 GHz with the UXA X-Series Signal Analyzer. - It has a large 14.1-inch multi-touch display that enables intuitive gesture control and easy access to measurement functions and settings. - It has a modular design that allows users to configure and upgrade the device according to their needs and budget. Users can choose from various options such as analysis bandwidth, frequency range, preamplifier, attenuator, RTSA, IQ analyzer and more. - It has a comprehensive set of software applications that enable users to perform advanced measurements and analysis for various applications such as 5G, radar, satellite communications, wireless communications and more. The following table summarizes some of the technical specifications of the N9032B PXA X-Series Signal Analyzer: | Frequency option | Frequency range | | --- | --- | | 508 | 2 Hz to 8.4 GHz | | 513 | 2 Hz to 13.6 GHz | | 526 | 2 Hz to 26.5 GHz | | 544 | 2 Hz to 44 GHz | | 550 | 2 Hz to 50 GHz | | Analysis bandwidth option | Analysis bandwidth | | --- | --- | | Standard | 10 MHz | | B25 | 25 MHz | | B40 | 40 MHz | | B2X | 255 MHz | | R10 | 1 GHz | | R15 | 1.5 GHz | | R20 | 2 GHz | For more information about the N9032B PXA X-Series Signal Analyzer, users can visit the following links: - [Product overview]( - [Data sheet]( - [Configuration guide]( - [User manual]( - [Programming guide]( To order the N9032B PXA X-Series Signal Analyzer, users can contact their local Keysight sales representative or authorized distributor. Users can also request a quote online at [this link](
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