Tap Aggregators

Ixia iTap 10GbE Fiber Port Aggregator

Use a single tool port to monitor both ends of a bi-directional connection

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  • Fail to wire — relays/optical switches allow traffic to flow even in power outage/device failure
  • Cost Effective — avoid cost expense of managing SPAN ports
  • Copper tap aggregators — simple 'plug and play' set up
  • Fiber tap aggregator — Web GUI for easy set up plus CLI if required for maximum flexibility
  • Fiber tap aggregator — Half-Duplex mode — allows operation as a standard tap
  • iLink Aggregator — Cost effective solution compared to Packet Brokers
  • iLink Aggregator — Pre-Loaded with common port mappings for rapid deployments
  • Does not modify traffic — tools see real copies of the packets from the network
  • Copper tap aggregators — no way to be compromised as no management port
  • Fiber tap aggregator — front panel displays allow real time data monitoring
  • Fiber tap aggregator — displays network link utilization — lower cost than high end tools
  • Fiber tap aggregator — Time stamp monitor packets
  • iLink Aggregator — Supports media conversion for optimum flexibility

Typically monitoring of a full duplex link requires the use of two ports on the monitoring tool — one for each side of the duplex link.

Tap Aggregators (also known as Port Aggregators or Aggregation Taps) combine traffic into two of more traffic streams, each of which has the aggregated data from the duplex flows and allow network staff to monitor a full duplex connection with a single monitoring tool. Keysight offers three different tap aggregators:

  • Copper Port Aggregators — for monitoring individual 1G copper duplex links
  • Fiber Port Aggregators — for monitoring individual 10G fiber duplex links
  • ILink Agg Tap Aggregators — for monitoring of multiple 1G copper or fiber links

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