Optical Clock Data Recovery System for single-mode and multi-mode transceiver characterization


  • dual single-mode / multimode solution to 14 Gb/s for wide application range
  • single-mode up to 32 Gb/s signals providing important headroom for forward error correction and proprietary rates
  • tunable loop bandwidth up to 20 MHz and selectable peaking to meet industry standards
  • clock and auxiliary clock output with residual random jitter as low as 100 fs rms for precision waveform analysis with the 86100 Digital Communications Analyzer
  • easy-to-use graphical user interface via USB connection to a PC
Characterize next-generation transmitters - the Keysight N1070A combines the N4877A with the N1075A Optical Pick-Off/Converter to achieve optical clock recovery up to 32 Gb/s. The wide data rate range allows testing of emerging standards like 100GbE and 32GFC while covering existing standards.


Single-mode (SM), multimode (MM) or both - the N1075A optical pick-off/converter, which is part of the N1070A Optical Clock Data Recovery Solution, is available in two versions

  • dual single-mode / multimode version up to 14 Gb/s is for a wide range of applications
  • single-mode version (up to 32 Gb/s) offers enough headroom for forward error correction schemes of next generation network standards

Measure the real performance of clockless devices - in combination with a digital communication analyzer equipped with optical sampling heads like the 86116C and 86105C/D, the very low intrinsic jitter paired with tunable loop bandwidth and selectable peaking enable accurate measurements of transceivers.

Easily control all settings through the rear-panel USB connection.

The settings of the solution's clock data recovery can be controlled through its rear-panel USB connection and a standalone user interface that runs on a Windows PC. The software can be installed on instruments running Windows XP or Windows 7.

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