About Keysight World 2021

Success hinges on new ideas in connectivity, digital transformation, and security. Opportunities start with use cases built on 5G, Open RAN, quantum computing, connected cars, and beyond. Keysight World explores these areas, and more, with a focus on accelerating your next innovation.

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Everyone and Everything, Connected

Path to 6G

The Future of Connectivity

Today, the value of connectivity is clear. Now, the focus is on network modernization and the path to 6G. This program illuminates the way forward.

Digital Transformation

Driving the Digital Transformation

Endless demand for bandwidth has implications for data centers, edge devices, and even quantum computing. Discover new ways to meet the challenges.


Security in a Connected World

Connectivity has real benefits, but also creates a wider attack surface. Improve your security posture with fresh ideas in preparation and resiliency.


Keysight Opening Keynotes

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Ron Nersesian

Ron Nersesian

Chairman, President, and CEO

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Satish Dhanasekaran

Satish Dhanasekaran

Chief Operating Officer

Keysight Presenter Spotlight

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Kailash Narayanan

Kailash Narayanan

President, Commercial Communications

Keynote: "The Future of Connectivity"

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Mark Pierpoint

Marie Hattar

Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer

Keysight World Executive Sponsor

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Jay Alexander

Jay Alexander

Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer

Keynote: "Driving the Digital Transformation"

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Kailash Narayanan

Elizabeth Ruetsch

GM, Keysight Quantum Engineering Solutions

Presentation: "Keysight Enables the Quantum Industry"

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Mark Pierpoint

Mark Pierpoint

Senior VP and President Network Applications and Security

Keynote: "Security in a Connected World"

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Jay Alexander

Deepty Chauhan

GM, Keysight’s Atlanta Software Design Center

Presentation: "Keysight’s DevOps & Agile Journey"

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Pam Mallette

Pamela Mallette

Americas Marketing

Moderator: "Driving the Digital Transformation"

Featured Industry Presenters

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr

Renowned futurist, influencer, and thought leader

Bernard Marr & Co.

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Dr. Sadayuki Abeta

Dr. Sadayuki Abeta

VP and GM of Radio Access Network Development Department


Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Sassan Ahmadi

Sassan Ahmadi

Director of 5G Wireless Systems and Standards

Xilinx Inc.

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - John Oates

John Oates

Systems Hardware Development Manager

Analog Devices

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Dr. I-Kang Fu

Dr. I-Kang Fu

Director of Technology Division


Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Vahid Joroughi

Dr. Vahid Joroughi

Business Development Manager

RHEA Group

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Pradeep Gowda

Pradeep Gowda

Director Engineering
3GPP RAN5 Vice Chair

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Andreas Mueller

Andreas Mueller


Global Head of Communication
Robert Bosch

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Dr. Matthew Reagor

Dr. Matthew Reagor

VP of Research and Development

Rigetti Computing

Keysight World 2021 Speaker - Alan Ho

Alan Ho

Head of Product – Google Quantum AI



Keysight World 2021 - Tracks

The Future of Connectivity

Track Keynote

  • Illuminating the Path Forward: The Future of Connectivity

Megatrends and Case Studies

  • Accelerating the Move to Open RAN Networks
  • Managing the Union of Terrestrial and Non-Terrestrial Networks
  • Enabling New Revenue Streams with 5G and Industry 4.0

Solution Technology Demos

  • Optimizing the Performance of O-RAN Radio Units and Chipsets
  • Advancing Autonomous Vehicle Development with Detailed Environment Emulation
  • Seamless Testing of 5G NR FR2 Demod: Collaborating with an Industry Leader


  • Exploring the Role of AI in Wireless: from 5G Helper to 6G Manager
Keysight World 2021 - Topics

Driving the Digital Transformation

Track Keynote

  • Riding the Tidal Wave of Digital Transformation

Megatrends and Case Studies

  • Technology Trends Everyone Has To Get Ready For Now
  • Pushing the Envelope in Quantum Computing​

Solution Technology Demos

  • Accelerating the Next-Gen Datacenter to Unlock the Potential of 5G and AI
  • Transforming Automated Software Test with Machine Learning


  • Digital Transformation: The Next 25 Years
Keysight World 2021 - Schedule

Security in a Connected World

Track Keynote

  • Reinforcing Cybersecurity in a Global, Connected World

Megatrends and Case Studies

  • Meeting the Cyberwarfare Challenge: New Threats, New Tactics
  • Protecting Mission-Critical IoT: A Forward-Looking Strategy

Solution Technology Demos

  • Fortifying Industrial Systems: Visibility in the Maelstrom
  • Using Threat Simulation to Prevent Gaps in Cybersecurity


  • Maximizing Cybersecurity in an Increasingly Connected World


Keysight World 2021 has concluded. Check back soon for on-demand content. 

Keysight World 2021 - Americas

October 12 – 14, 2021

Keysight World 2021 - Europe

Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India
October 5 – 7, 2021

Keysight World 2021 - Asia

South Asia Pacific
October 12 – 14, 2021

Keysight World 2021 - Japan

October 12 – 14, 2021

Keysight World 2021 - Korea

October 12 – 14, 2021

Keysight World 2021 - Shanghai

October 19, 2021

Keysight World 2021 - Taipei

October 12 – 14, 2021

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