Increased cell capacity for 5G and LTE

Massive MIMO provides increased cell capacity for 5G and LTE. Using the right tools enables quick validation of network-device interoperability and performance for real-worl operation.

With the full antenna array sampling massive MIMO solution, all antenna array ports are sampled simultaneously allowing realistic modeling of spatial separation between multiple mobile devices for multi-user MIMO 3D beamform validation. You can verify performance from 16x16bi to 64x16bi for complete base station MU-MIMO TM9 UE feedback and uplink SRS-based massive MIMO scheduler/beamformer testing.

Simplified partial antenna array sampling massive MIMO testing with an external RF analog combiner or phase shifter matrix is an optimized solution for cost effective multi-user, multi-RAT, and handover mobility focused UE and base station testing. It supports the antenna array column/row combination and virtual probe/key-hole-channel channel emulation configurations.

Keysight’s PROPSIM F64 5G Massive MIMO Channel Emulation Solution

  • Multi-channel real-time sampling and coherent signal processing leads to uncompromised accuracy and coverage.
  • Full compliance with 3GPP 5G NR spatial channel models. Channel models per 3GPP 38.901. Supports Urban Micro, Urban Macro, and Indoor office., as well as custom deployment scenarios.
  • Base stations with 16TR, 32TR, 64TR, 128TR antenna ports and 2/4/8/16/32 layers – all ports are coherently sampled.
  • Part of Tier-1 service provided test plans in LTE and 5G massive MIMO testing.

mmWave Interoperability and performance

mmWaves provide plenty of new spectrum for mobile users. 5G NR mmWave deployments rely on full mobility support and 3D beamforming at base stations and mobile devices. RF propagation conditions at mmWaves are significantly more challenging than at Sub-6GHz due to high blocking.

How to validate mmWave base stations and mobile devices before deployment for real-world operation?

Maximize 5G device performance for real-world operation at mmWaves with validated channel emulation.

Keysight’s PROPSIM F64 5G mmWave Channel Emulation Solution

  • Accelerates 5G launches by enabling realistic end-to-end, RF-to-RF, full signaling stack validation of mobile networks and mobile devices in lab.
  • Multi-probe Dual OTA test system enables realistic multiple beam testing.
  • Vendor independent KPI testing in lab.
Deploy 5G with confidence and validate device and base station interoperability under real-world channel conditions.

GCM Channel Studio

Keysight’s F9860A GCM Channel Studio harvests the powerful PROPSIM platform by enabling the customers to create complex channel models and test scenarios. It simplifies the creation of multi-link test scenarios for wireless testing and special radio systems testing. The GCM tool supports user-defined 3D spatial scenarios and dynamic modeling of movement for 5G testing:

  • UMi, UMa, O2I and I2O
  • CDL and TDL
  • SCME

The F9860A GCM Channel Studio supports importing 3D antenna models. It offers 3GPP-defined channel models to test V2X safety applications as well as for on board Wi-Fi and cellular connection. In addition, device-to-device topologies are supported. The F9860A GCM Channel Studio provides an interface to import data, which allows advanced users to bring test scenarios from external simulation tools.

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