Meet the industry's highest bandwidth probes

Introducing the Keysight InfiniiMax 4 Series, the industry’s highest-bandwidth probes for digital debugging and validation using UXR-B Series oscilloscopes.

  • 50+ GHz bandwidth: Measure high-speed signals including IEEE 802.3ck and PCIe® 6.0 — no custom test fixtures required.
  • Flexible, modular design: Probe anywhere in the link for quick analysis and debug with the head's flexible tip.
  • Bessel-Thomson filter: Test 400G / 800G systems with precise probing of 53 GBd PAM4 signals.

Find the InfiniiMax probe that's right for you

Additional probes and accessories

In addition to the InfiniiMax Series RC and RCRC high-bandwidth oscilloscope probes, Keysight has a large collection of passive, active, current, optical, high-voltage, and other probes. Find the right tools for your project.

Probing a printed circuit board

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