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Autonomous Drive Emulation : Apply C-V2X Test Solutions

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Autonomous Drive Emulation: Applying C-V2X test solutions across the automotive workflow

Autonomous driving holds out enormous potential for transforming the way we get around. Further, it promises to forever change not only vehicle design and manufacturing but also automobile ownership and, indeed, the overall business of transportation.

Achieving the goal of fully autonomous driving involves the development of highly complex software infused with artificial intelligence (AI) that can correctly interpret and act upon streams of real-time data arriving from the surrounding infrastructure and emanating from arrays of in-vehicle-based sensors. One consequence: thorough verification of the functionality, performance and safety of such systems will increasingly depend on detailed simulation and testing in the lab. This can be utilized throughout the automotive workflow, beginning long before new advances are deployed in vehicles operating on public roadways.

Understanding the role of V2X communication

The core purpose of V2X communication is to provide standardized safety services by means of broadcast messages alerting individual vehicles to the presence, position, trajectory and speed of surrounding vehicles. Communication between vehicles, and with roadside units such as traffic lights, is provided by a wireless link in the 5.9 GHz band. This has a range of 300 meters and is not limited by line-ofsight, enabling vehicles to “see” and detect others that may be obscured by buildings, trees, and so on.

Utilizing testing and simulation

Per the relevant standards, the functionality and safety of systems that incorporate V2X must be verified across a variety of situations and conditions. As the breadth and depth of such testing increases, it quickly becomes too expensive, impractical, and risky to contemplate the use of actual vehicles operating on closed tracks or public roadways.

Learn more, by downloading this white paper on "Autonomous Drive Emulation: Applying C-V2X test solutions across the automotive workflow".


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