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Impedance Matching with Vector-Receiver Load Pull


Improve the performance of your amplifiers

with fast, accurate impedance matching

Load pull is the technique used to determine the ideal matching impedances required to maximize power transfer, output power, gain and efficiency in amplifier designs.

With vector-receiver load pull, the scalar measurement instruments traditionally used are replaced by a vector network analyzer. Vector-receiver load pull allows you to make faster, more accurate assessments of the optimum matching impedances required for your amplifier designs.

The signal path in a traditional load pull system consists of a signal source and amplifier, source and load impedance tuners, a power meter and, optionally, a spectrum analyzer. If the scalar measurement instruments are replaced by a vector network analyzer the signals can be analyzed on a per-frequency basis. Each frequency component is accurately separated and can be used to calculate independent fundamental and harmonic powers. Additionally, a network analyzer is inherently a more accurate tool for measuring power than a power meter or spectrum analyzer.

In a vector-receiver load pull system measurements are made in real time at the device- under-test (DUT) reference plane. Instead of measuring power parameters, the actual DUT a- and b-waves are measured, allowing a more complete set of parameters to be analyzed. Parameters include large signal input impedance, which is used to determine delivered input power, power gain and power added efficiency, AM-PM, and harmonic measurements.

Using a vector-receiver load pull system eliminates the necessity for multiple load-pull source-pull iterations thereby saving time, it reduces errors cause by de-embedding through tuners at higher gammas and it improves the overall accuracy by measuring at the DUT reference plane.

Impedance Matching with Vector-Receiver Load Pull

Maury Microwave provides a full range of passive, active, hybrid-active and vector- receiver fundamental and harmonic load pull solutions. All of these solutions are designed around the Keysight Technologies PNA-X Series of microwave network analyzers.

The PNA-X has wide power range, fast and accurate control of source phase, clean harmonics, wide frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 67 GHz and a flexible test set to allow the connection of ancillary components.

With a vector-receiver load pull solution from Maury and Keysight you can reduce the time and improve the accuracy of your load pull measurements allowing you to optimize the performance of your amplifier designs


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