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N2915A 500 MHz and 1 GHz 6000 Series DSO to MSO Upgrade Kit

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US$ 3,368 Typical Price*


Key Features and Functions
  • Enables 16 logic channels and MSO features on DSO models
  • Self-installable in approximately 5 minutes, no tools or calibration required
How to Buy or Rent

This product is sold primarily through Keysight's Authorized Sales Partners.

Software for this Product

 6000A Series Oscilloscope Software
6000A Series Oscilloscope Software
Expand your oscilloscope’s capabilities with powerful applications
  • Serial Decoding
  • Mask Testing
  • Segmented Memory
  • Power Measurements
  • FPGA Dynamic Probe

Frequently Bought Together

 6000A Series Oscilloscope Accessories
6000A Series Oscilloscope Accessories
  • Probe holders
  • Screen protectors
  • Carrying cases
  • Manuals
 6000A Series Oscilloscope Probes
6000A Series Oscilloscope Probes
Improve your measurement reliability with the right probes
  • Differential & single ended
  • Active & passive
  • Voltage & current

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