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N9040B-RT1 Real-Time Analysis, up to 510 MHz, Basic Detection, Multi-touch

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Post-Purchase Upgrades

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N9040BU Upgrades for UXA Signal Analyzer
N9040BU-DVR USB DVD-ROM/CD-R/RW drive US$ 273
N9040BU-KB2 USB keyboard Smaller keyboard US$ 127
N9040BU-MLP Minimum loss pad, 50 to 75 ohms US$ 243
N9040BU-MSE Optical Mouse USB 2-Buttons 1-Scroll Wheel with Brown-Box US$ 43
N9040BU-2CM Rack mount flange kit 265.9mm H (6U) - two flange brackets, two standard rails, DARK COLORS US$ 242
N9040BU-2CP Rack mount flange and handle kit 265.9mm H (6U) - two brackets, handles, rails, DARK COLORS US$ 302
N9040BU-AB1 Getting started guide UXA Korean localization US$ 187
N9040BU-AB2 Getting started guide UXA Chinese localization US$ 187
N9040BU-ABF Getting started guide UXA French localization US$ 187
N9040BU-ABJ Getting started guide UXA Japanese localization US$ 187
N9040BU-AKT Getting started guide UXA Russian localization US$ 187
N9040BU-ABE Spanish localization, user interface and getting started guide US$ 187
Instrument Functionality Upgrades
N9040BU-B2X Analysis bandwidth, 255 MHz US$ 46,039
N9040BU-B5X Analysis bandwidth, 510 MHz US$ 72,347
N9040BU-B25 Analysis bandwidth upgrade, 25 MHz US$ 10,318
N9040BU-B40 Analysis bandwidth upgrade, 40 MHz US$ 18,814
N9040BU-BUF Analysis bandwidth upgrade, from 255 MHz to 510 MHz US$ 26,308
N9040BU-BUG Analysis bandwidth upgrade, 25 or 40 MHz to 510 MHz, for millimeter units US$ 74,494
N9040BU-BUM Analysis bandwidth upgrade, 255 MHz to 510 MHz, for millimeter units US$ 27,689
N9040BU-ALV Auxiliary log video output US$ 6,589
N9040BU-CRP Connector Rear, Programmable IF output US$ 4,984
N9040BU-YAV Screen video, log video and linear video US$ 4,508
N9040BU-EMC Basic EMC Functionality US$ 2,703
N9040BU-EA3 Electronic attenuator, 3.6 GHz US$ 4,358
N9040BU-FP2 Fast power, up to 40 MHz bandwidth US$ 7,830
N9040BU-RTS Real time data streaming US$ 13,892
N9040BU-FT1 Frequency mask trigger greater-than 15 us signal duration license US$ 2,918
N9040BU-FT2 Frequency mask trigger greater-than 3.6 us signal duration license US$ 4,378
N9040BU-DP4 Digital processor, 4 GB capture memory US$ 5,014
N9040BU-FS2 US$ 574
N9040BU-DP5 US$ 10,029
N9040BU-DUA US$ 6,252
N9040BU-RBE US$ 5,824
N9040BU-TDS US$ 11,829
N9040BU-FBP Full Bypass Upgrade US$ 6,524
N9040BU-P08 Preamplifier, 8.4 GHz US$ 6,503
N9040BU-P13 Preamplifier, 13.6 GHz US$ 9,447
N9040BU-P26 Preamplifier, 26.5 GHz US$ 14,240
N9040BU-P44 Preamplifier, 44 GHz US$ 28,127
N9040BU-P50 Preamplifier, 50 GHz US$ 32,000
N9040BU-RT1 US$ 18,051
N9040BU-RT2 US$ 26,220
N9040BU-SF1 Security features, exclude launching programs US$ 1,874
N9040BU-SF2 Security features, prohibit saving results US$ 1,874
N9040BU-SSD Solid state drive upgrade, W7X US$ 1,882
N9040BU-SS1 Solid state drive upgrade, Win10 US$ 2,037
N9040BU-F07 UXA Frequency Upgrade from 8.4 to 26.5 GHz, includes installation, calibration, 1 yr warranty US$ 29,028
N9040BU-F10 UXA Frequency Upgrade from 13.6 to 26.5 GHz, includes installation, calibration, 1 yr warranty US$ 23,223
N9040BU-F06 UXA Frequency Upgrade from 8.4 to 13.6 GHz, includes installation, calibration, 1 yr warranty US$ 23,223
N9040BU-F15 UXA Frequency Upgrade from 44 to 50 GHz, includes 50 GHz preamp, installation, calibration, 1 yr warranty US$ 34,490

* Prices for: United States. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices shown are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP). Prices shown are exclusive of taxes.