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N9040B UXA Signal Analyzer, Multi-touch, 2 Hz to 50 GHz

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Explore how this product addresses specific measurement challenges.

Streaming, Analysis and Playback of RF Interference Signals in AD Applications - Application Note
Streaming, Analysis and Playback of RF Interference Signals in Aerospace and Defense Applications –looks at countering undesirable signals using a system based on COTS hardware and software when intentional interference is created to disrupt the operation of a victim receiver.
RF Streaming for Aerospace & Defense Applications - Application Note
This application note will examine some of the challenges and considerations a system engineer should consider when developing an RF streaming and recording solution.
New Pulse Analysis Techniques for Radar and EW - Application Note
This app note discusses the best tools for different types of pulse analysis, along with display and analysis techniques for various signals and measurement goals.
A Modern Approach to Signal Identification and Pulse Measurements - Application Note
This app note gives an overview of signal-identification techniques for monitoring EW scenarios and outlines several analysis options that support typical requirements in dynamic range and BW.
Upgrading Existing Signal Analyzers to Handle Changes in Standards and Technology - Application Note
This application note discusses how test equipment upgrades can help you keep pace with evolving wireless standards.
Gap-free Recording and Analysis of Elusive, Intermittent Signals Made Simple - Application Brief
A turnkey RF streaming solution from Keysight Technologies, Inc. and X-COM Systems simplifies recording and analysis of elusive and intermittent signals, enabling up to 255 MHz analysis BW to 50 GHz.
Simplifying Wideband Pulsed Signal Characterization - Application Brief
To help developers appropriately identify and measure performance, a test solution with high resolution, excellent dynamic range and wide analysis bandwidth is required.
Discover How the Intuitive Multi-touch UI Streamlines Complex Measurements
Six application briefs demonstrate the latest techniques using X-Series signal analyzers with multi-touch
RF Capture and Playback for Improved Communications Jamming - X-COM
RF Capture and Playback Solutions for Improved Communications Jamming from X-COM and Keysight
New radiated emission measurement and analysis software "EPX/RE"
TOYO Corporation
5G Network Mobile Field Testing
Wideband tracking antennas for mobile full directional FFT-based spectrum analysis of 5G Networks from Keysight Technologies and TA Engineering, Inc.
PXIe Data Streaming for RF Interference Analysis - X-COM
PXIe Data Streaming Solution for RF Interference and Spectrum Analysis from X-COM and Keysight

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