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U8903B Performance Audio Analyzer

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Key Features and Functions
  • Measure your most demanding audio devices with higher accuracy and a low residual distortion of -110 dB
  • See the real performance of your devices with the highest resolution audio measurements available
  • Automate testing with built-in test sequences
  • Meet standards more easily with pre-configured POLQA and PESQ measurements
  • Simultaneously measure/view up to eight channels on a single screen in real time
  • Configure for specific applications with digital audio interface (AES3/SPDIF and DSI) and Bluetooth® audio measurements options
  • Warranty Plans
    Industry-leading 3 year warranty
  • Calibration Plans
    Every spec verified, adjustments included
What's Included
  • 2 analog generator channels and 2 analog analyzer channels
  • Product Reference CD-ROM: English-language User's Guide, Quick Start Guide, Programming Guide and Service Guide
  • USB cables
  • Power cord (plug matches destination requirements)
  • Certificate of calibration
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