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DSOS804A High-Definition Oscilloscope: 8 GHz, 4 Analog Channels

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Bandwidth 8 GHz
Bandwidth Upgrades n/a
Channels 4
Max Memory Depth

800 Mpts (2 channels), 400 Mpts (4 channels)

Max Sample Rate

20 GSa/s (2 channels), 10 GSa/s (4 channels)

Display Size 15 inch
Waveform Update Rate n/a
ADC Bits 10 bits
Noise Floor

1.4 mVrms at 50 mV/div

Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) 6.4
Typical Rise/Fall Time

53.8 ps (10-90%), 33.8 ps (20-80%)

Built-In Instruments (Optional) n/a
Special Triggers
  • InfiniiScan Trigger
  • A-B HW Trigger
Protocol Trigger & Decodes Optional
Operating System Windows 7
Real-Time Yes

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