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E5063A ENA Vector Network Analyzer

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Key Features and Functions
  • 2-port, 50 ohm, S-parameter test set
  • Select the VNA frequency option that best suits your test needs and budget, and upgrade options at any time
  • Boost efficiency and productivity with the consistent measurement framework of the industry-standard vector network analyzer
  • Enhance your PCB manufacturing test capability with Option 011
  • Easier operation with support for 6 languages via softkey & the embedded help manual in English/Simplified Chinese
  • Calibration Plans
    Every spec verified, adjustments included
What's Included
  • E5063A ENA vector network analyzer
  • E5063A ENA vector network analyzer Installation guide
  • CD ROM IO libraries
  • Power cable
  • Certificate of calibration
How to Buy or Rent

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Software for this Product

E5063A-006 Wireless Power Transfer Analysis
E5063A-006 Wireless Power Transfer Analysis
  • Wireless power transfer efficiency measurements between coils or resonators
  • 2D/3D analysis to visualize dependency of load impedance
  • Affordable solution for wireless power transfer analysis
E5063A-010 Time Domain Analysis
E5063A-010 Time Domain Analysis
  • Reflection and transmission responses in the time domain
  • Up to 1,601 point measurement with low-pass and band-pass modes
E5063A-011 Time Domain Analysis/Test Wizard
E5063A-011 Time Domain Analysis/Test Wizard
  • E5063A PCB Analyzer (E5063A + Option 011)
  • Impedance (TDR) and return loss (S-parameter) measurements
  • More Accuracy and R&R
  • More Languages Supported
  • More ESD Robustness

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