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N5235A PNA-L Microwave Network Analyzer, 50 GHz

Options & Upgrades


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Post-Purchase Upgrades

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N5235AU N5235A Upgrades
Upgrade selections
N5235AU-010 Add time domain
N5235AU-080 Add frequency offset mode
N5235AU-082 Add scalar calibrated converter measurements
N5235AU-551 Add N-port calibrated measurements
N5235AU-897 Add inclusive calibration capability
N5235AU-898 Add built-in performance test software
N5235AU-007 Add automatic fixture removal
N5235AU-015 Add dynamic uncertainty for S-parameter measurements
N5235AU-090 Add spectrum analyzer
Hardware Options
N5235AU-216 Add configurable test set and source attenuators to 2-port analyzer
N5235AU-690 Upgrade N5235A to N5235B

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