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E5072A ENA Vector Network Analyzer

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Key Features and Functions
  • 30 kHz to 4.5 GHz & 8.5 GHz
  • 2-port
  • Improve accuracy, yield and margins with wide dynamic range 130 dB  / 151 dB (direct receiver access), measurement speed 7 msec and excellent temperature stability 0.005 dB/°C
  • Increase test flexibility with wide source power range -109 to +20 dBm for linear and nonlinear device characterization
  • Protect your investment with upgradability across all of the options
  • KeysightCare Logo - PPX
  • Calibration Plans
    Every spec verified, adjustments included
What's Included
  • E5072A ENA vector network analyzer
  • E5072A ENA vector network analyzer Installation guide
  • CD ROM IO libraries
  • Power cable
  • Certificate of calibration

Software for this Product

 Network Analyzer Software
Network Analyzer Software
  • PNA Network analyzer software tools for investigating, characterizing & troubleshooting designs
  • Amplifier, filter, mixer, material, high-speed serial interconnect analysis capabilities and more
  • For Keysight PNA, ENA and USB network analyzers
E5072A-008 Frequency Offset Mode
E5072A-008 Frequency Offset Mode
  • Transmission response measurement of devices such as mixers and converters
  • Frequency-offset sweep
  • Scalar Mixer Calibration (SMC) for accurate conversion loss/gain measurements
  • Vector Mixer Calibration (VMC) for phase and group delay measurements

Frequently Bought Together

 RF Calibration Kits with Maximum Frequency up to 13.5 GHz (ECal)
RF Calibration Kits with Maximum Frequency up to 13.5 GHz (ECal)
  • Calibration components designed for precision calibration of 13.5 GHz and lower frequency VNA product families
  • Includes mechanical and electronic calibration kits

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