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N9343C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA), 13.6 GHz

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System Features GPS Receiver - Internal Only
Power Measurement Using USB Sensor
  • CW or Swept-Frequency
  • RF Pulse Test with Peak Sensor
Standard Attenuator Range 50 dB
Standard Attenuator Step 1 dB
DANL @1 GHz -144 dBm
Maximum Analysis Bandwidth n/a
Phase Noise @1 GHz (1 MHz offset) -119 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise @1 GHz (10 kHz offset) n/a
TOI @1 GHz (3rd Order Intercept) +11 dBm
Applications Available Yes
Overall Amplitude Accuracy ±1.3 dB
Bandwidth Options 3 MHz
Performance Level ◆◆◇◇◇◇
Applications-General Purpose
  • AM/FM Tune and Listen
  • Analog Demodulation
  • Field Strength Measurement
  • Pulse
  • Remote Language Compatibility
  • SCPI Code Compatibility
  • Spectral Emissions Mask
  • Spectrogram
  • Stimulus Response
Additional Features
  • AM/FM Modulation Analysis
  • ASK/FSK Modulation Analysis
  • Channel Scanner
  • Security Features
  • Task Planner
  • Time-Gated Analysis
Handheld / Modular Yes

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