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N9344C Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (HSA), 20 GHz

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Product will be discontinued: 01 December 2020

US$ 18,113 Typical Price*


Options & Upgrades


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Services and Software Licenses

For more details: View Configuration Guide

Calibration service plan
R-50C-011-3 Calibration Plan - Return to Keysight - 3 years US$ 1,145
R-50C-011-5 Calibration Plan - Return to Keysight - 5 years US$ 2,289
R-50C-011-7 Calibration Plan - Return to Keysight - 7 years US$ 3,434
R-50C-011-10 Calibration Plan - Return to Keysight - 10 years US$ 5,151
R-50C-011-MU-3 Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties - 3 years US$ 1,820
R-50C-011-MU-5 Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties - 5 years US$ 3,640
R-50C-016-3 Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding - 3 years
R-50C-016-5 Keysight Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding - 5 years
R-50C-021-3 ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration - 3 years
R-50C-021-5 ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration - 5 years
Return to service center warranty and service plan
R-51B-001-5Z Extended Warranty - Return to Keysight - 5 years US$ 1,066
R-51B-001-7Z Extended Warranty - Return to Keysight - 7 years US$ 2,131
R-51B-001-10Z Extended Warranty - Return to Keysight - 10 years US$ 3,729

Post-Purchase Upgrades

For more details: View Upgrade Guide

N9344CK Handheld Spectrum Analyzer, 1 MHz to 20 GHz, upgrade
Instrument functionality upgrades
N9344CK-TMG Time-gated spectrum analysis US$ 933
N9344CK-AMA AM/FM modulation analysis US$ 842
N9344CK-DMA ASK/FSK modulation analysis US$ 1,073
N9344CK-SEC Security features US$ 234
N9344CK-TPN Task planner for test automation US$ 1,389
N9344CK-PWM USB average power sensor support (U2000 series) US$ 664
N9344CK-SIM Spectrum monitor with spectrogram record and playback US$ 1,851
N9344CK-SCN Channel scanner US$ 1,956
N9344CK-PWP Peak and average power sensor support (U2020/U2040 X-series) US$ 1,362
N9344CK-GPS Built-in GPS receiver, with built-in GPS antenna US$ 688
N9344CK-TG7 Tracking Generator, 5 MHz to 7 GHz US$ 2,773
N9344CK-P20 Pre Amplifier, 1 MHz to 20 GHz US$ 1,815
N9344CK-EMC EMI filters and quasi-peak detector US$ 840
N9344CK-TAD Adaptor Type-N(m) 50 Ohm to Type-N (f) 75 Ohm DC to 1 GHz US$ 129
N9344CK-1TC Hard transit case US$ 453
N9344CK-GPA External GPS antenna, SMA-M connector US$ 75
N9344CK-1DN Automotive 12V DC charger US$ 293
N9344CK-ADP Spare AC/DC adaptor, for other regions US$ 181
N9344CK-BCG External battery charger US$ 352
N9344CK-SCC Ergonomic soft carrying case with backpack and shoulder strap US$ 175
N9344CK-BCJ External Battery Charger,for Japan only US$ 352
N9344CK-ADS Spare AC/DC adaptor, for United States only US$ 181
N9344CK-AB2 Printed user's guide, Simplified Chinese US$ 59
N9344CK-ABA Printed user's guide, English US$ 59
N9344CK-ABJ Printed user's guide, Japanese US$ 58

* Prices for: United States. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices shown are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP). Prices shown are exclusive of taxes.