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N9000A CXA Signal Analyzer, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz

Options & Upgrades


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Post-Purchase Upgrades

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N9000AK CXA Signal Analyzer Upgrades, Field Installable Kits
Instrument functionality upgrades
N9000AK-P07 Preamplifier, 7.5 GHz
N9000AK-P03 Preamplifier, 3 GHz
N9000AK-P26 Preamplifier, 26.5 GHz
N9000AK-P13 Preamplifier, 13.6 GHz
N9000AK-PRC Portable configuration
N9000AK-FSA Fine resolution step attenuator
N9000AK-EDP Enhanced display package
N9000AK-PFR Precision frequency reference
N9000AK-HL5 Hardware and License Upgrade, Precision Frequency Reference
N9000AK-EMC Basic EMC functionality
N9000AK-MSE Mouse, USB
N9000AK-MLP Minimum loss pad, 50 to 75 ohm
N9000AK-KYB Keyboard, USB
N9000AK-KB2 US 65 key USB keyboard
N9000AK-HTC Hard transit case
N9000AK-CVR Front panel cover
N9000AK-BAG Accessory pouch
N9000AK-1CR Rack slide kit
N9000AK-1CP Rackmount and handle kit
N9000AK-1CN Front handle kit
N9000AK-1CM Rack mount kit
N9000AK-ESC External source control
N9000AK-SF2 Security features, prohibit saving results
N9000AK-T06 Tracking generator, 9 kHz to 6 GHz
N9000AK-T03 Tracking generator, 9 kHz to 3 GHz
N9000AK-B25 Analysis Bandwidth, 25 MHz
N9000AK-CR3 Connector, Wideband IF output
N9000AK-A2B Multi-touch user interface for A to B models
N9000AK-PCP Offset for multi-touch user interface for A to B models
Additional documentation
N9000AK-AKT Getting started guide CXA Russian localization
N9000AK-ABJ Getting started guide CXA Japanese localization
N9000AK-ABF Getting started guide CXA French localization
N9000AK-ABD Getting started guide CXA German localization
N9000AK-AB2 Getting started guide CXA Chinese localization
N9000AK-AB1 Getting started guide CXA Korean localization
Service Upgrade

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