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N5225BT Signal Integrity Evaluation up to 50 GHz NEW!

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Key Features and Functions
  • Bundle solution for evaluating the signal integrity of cables, backplanes, PC boards, connectors, BGA packages with Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) and enhanced time domain analysis applications.
  • Includes N5225B 50GHz PNA, S93007B/S93011B and N19301B/3B/5B/7B applications, N4693D ECal module and four 2.4mm test cables.
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What's Included
  • The N5225BT bundle includes these products: N5225B 50GHz PNA, S93007B, S93011B and N19301B/3B/5B/7B applications, N4693D ECal module, and four N9910X-714 2.4mm test cables.

Software for this Product

N19301B PLTS Base Analysis
N19301B PLTS Base Analysis
  • PAM-4 eye diagrams
  • Channel operating margin
  • MATLAB compatibility
  • Multi-channel advanced eye diagram
  • Hot TDR measurements
N19303B PLTS Measurement and Calibration
N19303B PLTS Measurement and Calibration
  • PLTS N19303B extends the N19301B base product to control, calibrate and measure with Vector Network Analyzers or Time Domain Reflectometers

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