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N9021B MXA Signal Analyzer, Multi-touch, 10 Hz to 50 GHz NEW!

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Key Features and Functions
  • Evolve test needs of advanced wireless R&D and manufacturing with the widest analysis bandwidth in its class and the superior phase noise performance at high frequencies
  • See through the complexity of challenging signals with RTSA and industry-leading PathWave 89600 VSA
  • Simplify testing with one-button measurements from PathWave X-Series Applications
  • Enable faster test time with enhanced frequency sweep algorithm and hardware-based signal processing without compromise in RF performance
What's Included
  • Spectrum analyzer measurement application
  • I/Q Analyzer measurement application
  • PowerSuite one-button power measurements
  • Quad-core, high-performance processor, 16 GB RAM, removable solid-state drive
  • Windows 10 Enterprise IoT (as opposed to WES7)
  • Analysis bandwidth is determined by bandwidth licensing
  • Benchtop configuration
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Country-specific power cord

Software for this Product

 PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications
PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications
  • Proven, ready-to-use measurement apps for PXIe and X-Series signal analyzers
  • Simplify complex tasks and get repeatable results
  • See and understand performance of cellular, wireless and aerospace/defense devices and designs
 PathWave Vector Signal Analysis (89600 VSA)
PathWave Vector Signal Analysis (89600 VSA)
  • Comprehensive demodulation & vector signal analysis
  • Decode & verify MAC, RLC & RRC-layer messages across multiple radio frames
  • Cellular, wireless connectivity, aerospace, defense, general-purpose

Frequently Bought Together

 Additional products used with MXA
Additional products used with MXA
  • Extend operating frequencies with smart harmonic mixers
  • Simplify test setups and gain the best measurement results with RF and microwave test accessories
 Microwave Signal Generators (VXG)
Microwave Signal Generators (VXG)
Get higher confidence in your device’s performance – faster
  • Reduce system test complexity with the world’s first dual-channel 44 GHz vector microwave signal generator with 2 GHz modulation bandwidth in a single instrument
  • Overcome OTA system path loss challenges that mmW technology brings with the industry’s highest output power versus EVM and ACPR performance
  • Accelerate your product development cycle and gain greater confidence in 5G NR component characterization using PathWave Signal Generation
 X-Series Signal Generators (MXG, EXG, CXG)
X-Series Signal Generators (MXG, EXG, CXG)
Test your very best designs with a golden reference in R&D and essential signals in manufacturing
  • Take your devices to the limit with purity and precision fine-tuned for the highest performance
  • Achieve faster throughput & greater uptime with cost-effective essential signal generation
  • Drive today’s most advanced microwave systems with the best alternatives in size, speed and cost to the metrology-grade PSG
  • Reduce time you spend on signal creation with Signal Studio software
  • Lower your cost of ownership with 3-year cal cycles and the most comprehensive solutions for self-maintenance

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