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N5244BM Active device characterization solution up to 43.5 GHz for 5G

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Key Features and Functions
  • Bundle solution for active device characterization up to 43.5 GHz for 5G apps
  • Includes N5244B 43.5 GHz PNA-X w/options 423/020/021/022/029, S93007/25/29/83/84/86/87/89B applications, N4693D ECal, U8487A USB power sensor, U9391F, N1966A, and four 2.4mm test cables.
  • Same performance as N5244B PNA-X
  • KeysightCare Logo - PPX
What's Included
  • The N5244BM bundles these products: N5244B 43.5 GHz PNA-X network analyzer with options 423, 020, 021, 022 and 029, and S93007B, S93025B, S93029B, S93083B, S93084B, S93086B, S93087B, S93089B application software products, and accessories for calibration and measurements: N4693D 50 GHz ECal module, U8487A 50 GHz USB power sensor, U9391F 50 GHz comb generator, N1966A pulse I/O adapter, four N9910X-714 2.4mm male-female test cables.

Software for this Product

S930904B Spectrum Analysis, up to 43.5 GHz
S930904B Spectrum Analysis, up to 43.5 GHz
  • High-performance spectrum analysis up to 43.5 GHz on N522xB/N523xB/N524xB PNA series network analyzers
  • Fast spurious searches for mixers and converters
  • Fixed Node locked – Perpetual license is shipped with the product
S930704B Modulation Distortion up to 43.5 GHz
S930704B Modulation Distortion up to 43.5 GHz
  • Provides nonlinear DUT behavior (EVM, NPR, and ACPR) under modulated stimulus conditions
  • Vector error correction and VNA calibration reduce error and provide very low residual system EVM
  • Frequency coverage up to 43.5 GHz

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