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M9383B VXG-m PXIe Microwave Signal Generator, 1 MHz – 44 GHz NEW!

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Key Features and Functions
  • Dual-channel PXIe millimeter wave vector signal generator with 2 GHz RF bandwidth in a single instrument
  • High output power to compensate for system loss and enable 5G power amplifier and over-the-air (OTA) testing
  • Phase coherent LO and baseband synchronization for multi-user or beamforming MIMO OTA testing
  • PathWave Signal Generation software to accelerate your design and test workflow

Software for this Product

 Signal Studio Software
Signal Studio Software
  • Signal creation software with waveform playback and real-time signal creation capabilities
  • Component and receiver test for a broad range of applications across evolving wireless systems
  • Scalable capability and performance
 Productivity Software
Productivity Software
  • Connect and control instruments with simple to use software
  • Single and multi-instrument control and sequencing
  • Install, transport and manage licensing
  • Calibration and adjustment capability

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