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N9048B PXE EMI Receiver, 1 Hz to 44 GHz

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Key Features and Functions
  • Frequency Range: 1 Hz – 44 GHz
  • Fully CISPR 16-1-1:2019 and MIL-STD-461G compliant
  • Industry leading sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Time Domain Scan (TDS) significantly reduces overall test time
  • Real Time Scan ensures gapless signal capture and analysis in up to 350 MHz bandwidth, simultaneously showing in frequency domain, time domain and spectrogram view
  • Intuitive multi-touch user interface
  • X-Series upgradability to meet present and future test needs
  • Calibration Plans
    Every spec verified, adjustments included
What's Included
  • Spectrum analyzer measurement application
  • Quad-core, high-performance processor, 16 GB RAM, removable solid-state drive
  • High-performance digital signal processing with 2 GB capture memory
  • 10 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Fast sweep capability
  • Noise floor extension
  • Front panel control for two automatic external line impedance stabilization networks (LISN)
  • Enhanced display package with spectrogram, trace zoon, and zone span
  • Microsoft Windows 10 operating system
  • Multi-touch user interface
  • User guides
  • Power cord

Software for this Product

 X-Series Measurement Applications for Signal/Spectrum Analyzers
X-Series Measurement Applications for Signal/Spectrum Analyzers
  • See and understand more with ready-to-use measurements
  • Ensure proper measurements and repeatable results with built-in expertise and simplified operation
  • Available on a new instrument or as a post-purchase upgrade

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