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N1060A Precision Waveform Analyzer

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Key Features and Functions
  • Gain margin with high instrument performance: Bandwidth to > 90 GHz, residual jitter as low as 50 fs and adjustable clock recovery peaking & loop BW
  • Reduce development time through instrument flexibility: integrated clock recovery data rates to 64 GBd (112 Gb/s) (NRZ & PAM4) and integrated pickoffs for simple one connection “triggerless” operation
  • Reduce validation time with analysis tools like Jitter Spectrum Analysis & SW Clock Recovery Emulation
What's Included
  • Qty 2 1mm (f) to 1.85 mm (f) adapters
  • Qty 2 1 mm (f) to 2.92 mm (f) adapters
  • Qty 1 ¼ module bay filler panel
  • Various wrenches and torque wrenches

Software for this Product

N1010A FlexDCA Sampling Oscilloscope Software
N1010A FlexDCA Sampling Oscilloscope Software
  • Supports N1000A DCA-X, 86100D DCA-X, N109x Oscilloscopes, N1076 clock recoveries and SystemVue software
  • Make Eye/Mask, oscilloscope, and jitter measurements on your PC
  • Troubleshoot problems from remote office locations

 DCA Compliance Applications
DCA Compliance Applications
Test to the exact specifications of each technology standard
  • Verified by Keysight experts who sit on multiple technology boards
  • Tests include OIF CEI 3.1, IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), SFF-8431 (SFP+) and more
  • Supports user-defined applications

Frequently Bought Together

 Sampling Oscilloscope Accessories
Sampling Oscilloscope Accessories
  • Accessories are compatible with most DCA-X and DCA-M series Oscilloscopes
  • Not all compatible accessories are listed
  • View DCA Accessories Technical Overview, 5991-2340EN, to see the full list of accessories
N1000A DCA-X Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Mainframe
N1000A DCA-X Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Mainframe
  • Bandwidth to > 110GHz, jitter as low as 50 fs, noise as low as 275 uV
  • Flexible: Customize with plug-in modules for optical, electrical and/or TDR/TDT/S-parameter analysis
  • Low cost of test: Sample rates up to 250 kSa/s and support up to 16 channels provides high test throughput
  • Protect your investment: Supports today’s modules plus many older, discontinued optical, electrical and TDR modules

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