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34420A Micro-Ohm Meter, 7 ½ Digit

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Le produit sera arrêté: 01 December 2020


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Key Features and Functions
  • Notice for EU Customers: This non-RoHS product continues to be made available on the EU market under EU34420A. Please contact Keysight Sales for quotation and ordering.
  • High sensitivity DCV and resistance measurements at 100 pico-volt and 100 nano-ohm
  • Accurate temperature measurements with 0.003˚C accuracy using SPRT probes
  • Built-in low noise 2-channel scanners
  • A BenchVue software license BV0001B is now included with instrument
  • The last day to place order for 34420A is November 30, 2020
What's Included
  • 34102A Low Thermal Input Cable
  • 34103A Low Thermal Shorting Plug
  • 11062A Kelvin Clip Set
  • Power Cord
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Product Reference CD
How to Buy

Ce produit est vendu exclusivement par notre réseau de distributeurs agréés.

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