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N1094B DCA-M Sampling Oscilloscope (Four Electrical Channels)

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Key Features and Functions
  • Optional 20/30 GHz or 20/33/40/50 GHz bandwidth
  • 2.4 mm input type
  • High sensitivity with 310 µV (20 GHz), 600 µV (50 GHz) noise floors
  • Fastest throughput with high 250 kHz sample rate
  • Accurate high data rate analysis with <170 fs jitter
  • Smaller footprint due to compact design
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What's Included
  • The N1094B, paired with a user-provided PC running the free download N1010A FlexDCA user interface, becomes a complete sampling oscilloscope system

Software for this Product

N1010A FlexDCA Sampling Oscilloscope Software
N1010A FlexDCA Sampling Oscilloscope Software
  • Supports 86100C DCA-J, 86100D DCA-X and N1092A/B/D oscilloscopes, and SystemVue software
  • Make Eye/Mask, oscilloscope, and jitter measurements on your PC
  • Troubleshoot problems remote office locations


Frequently Bought Together

N1076B Electrical Clock Recovery
N1076B Electrical Clock Recovery
  • 125 MBd to 64 GBd data rate range (continuous) on electrical NRZ and PAM4 data signals
  • Standards-compliant clock recovery (“Golden PLL”) with adjustable peaking and loop bandwidth (to 20 MHz)
  • Lock onto degraded signals (“closed eyes”) using a built-in variable equalizer (Option EVA)
  • Gain insight into root cause(s) for jitter using Jitter Spectrum Analysis (Option JSA). Perform compliant PLL bandwidth and peaking measurements using 86100DU-400 PLL Analysis software

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