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Four Internal Pulse Generators (Option 025)

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Four independent pulse generators to control internal or external pulse modulators and receiver IF gates
  • Configure a fully integrated pulsed-RF system with Option 008 and 021, and bi-directional pulsed-RF system with Option 008, 021 and 022
  • 60 MHz clock rate (16.7 ns time resolution)


Option 025 adds four internal pulse generators to control internal or external pulse modulators and IF gates for pulsed-RF measurements, or to set the device conditions.

Each pulse generator can be controlled independently from Option 008 pulse measurement application or through the remote interface. The pulse signals from four generators are available on the Pulse-I/O D-sub connector on the PNA/PNA-X rear panel. The N1966A pulse I/O adapter is recommended if using external pulse modulators.

By combining Option 021/022 internal pulse modulators and Option 008 pulse measurements application, the PNA/PNA-X can be a fully integrated, fast and accurate pulse measurement system, which provides full pulse measurement capabilities such as pulse average, point-in-pulse and pulse-profiling.