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IF Inputs for Antenna and Millimeter-Wave (Option 020)

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The IF access option provides network analyzer IF signal path access for applications including antenna measurements, and extended frequency coverage beyond 26.5 GHz.

With Option 020 IF access, antenna-test professionals can use an externally generated 10.7 MHz IF, bypassing the PNA/PNA-X's internal first converter to achieve maximum sensitivity with remote mixing for antenna measurements. By combining IF access with frequency-offset capability and advanced triggering that supports synchronization with external signal generators, users can attain exceptionally accurate antenna and radar cross section (RCS) measurements faster than previously possible.

When the PNA/PNA-X is equipped with Option 020 and the N5260A millimeter-wave controller, it can be configured for broadband measurements from 10 MHz to 110 GHz.


  • Up to 20 dB more sensitivity when making antenna measurements with a remote mixing configuration
  • Extends frequency coverage to 110 GHz with N5260A