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PNA-X Extended Power Range & Bias-Tees for 4-Port Test Set (Option 419)

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Key Features & Specifications

  • The source step attenuators allow greater power range for amplifier measurements
  • Bias-tees provide convenient DC bias to your amplifier
  • The receiver step attenuators enable testing of high gain amplifiers


Option 419 adds to the standard test set one 65 dB for N5241A/42A, 60 dB for N5244A/45A, and 50 dB for N5247A source attenuator (settable in 5 dB increments for N5241A/42A and 10 dB increments for N5244/45A/47A), one 35 dB receiver attenuator (settable in 5 dB increments) for N5241A/42A/44A/45A and 50 dB receiver attenuator (settable in 10 dB increments) for N5247A, and one bias-tee to each test port. Option 419 requires Option 400.

The source step attenuator enable a small test signal output for high gain amplifier testing. The receiver attenuators avoid receiver compression due to large signal incidents. Option 419 makes PNA-X flexible for amplifier measurements.