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Key Features & Specifications

View internal FPGA activity correlated to external analog events

  • Gain visibility into your Xlinx FPGA's internal activity.
  • Watch a 6 min Video overview
  • Access up to 64 internal signals for each pin dedicated to debug

Make multiple measurements in seconds

  • Switch internal probe points in seconds. Moving probe points internal to an FPGA is time consuming on instruments without this capability. Now, in less than a second you can easily measure a different set of internal signals without changing your FPGA design.

Leverage the work you did in your design environment

  • Automatic mapping of internal signal names to MSO labels leverages the work you did in your design environment.


  • Requires Xilinx ISE and ChipScope Pro (not supported for designs created using Vivado)


The N5406A FPGA dyanmic probe for InfiniiVision MSOs (6000 and 7000 Series) provides the most effective solution for validating and debugging embedded designs incorporating Xilinx FPGAs.

Software Download and 30-Day Trial License