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Key Features & Specifications

View internal FPGA activity correlated to external analog events

  • Gain visibility into your Altera FPGA's internal activity.
  • The Altera LAI interface enables you to connect internal signals in your FPGA to your MSO for analysis.
  • Watch a 6 min Video overview

Make multiple measurements in seconds

  • Switch internal probe points in seconds. Moving probe points internal to an FPGA is time consuming on instruments without this capability. Now, in less than a second you can easily measure a different set of internal signals without changing your FPGA design.

Leverage the work you did in your design environment

  • Automatic mapping of internal signal names to MSO labels leverages the work you did in your design environment.



Keysight's FPGA dynamic probe application accelerates debug of systems with FPGAs. The application reduces instrument setup time allowing the first internal FPGA measurement to be made in minutes. Successive incremental internal measurements can be done in seconds without stopping the FPGA, modifying the HDL design, or changing timing.

Keysight's FPGA dynamic probe application software interfaces with an LAI on-chip debug core included in Altera Quartus II software.