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C1281A ASUR Single Device Reliability (ASUR SDR)

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This product is no longer available

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  • Single-site device reliability
  • Unified hardware and software
    reliability solution
  • Core Wafer Systems PDQ-WLR®
  • Interactive measurements and
    low-cost parametric test

Cost-effective, scalable systems for reliability and parametric tests for modern manufacturing

Keysight’s Advanced Scalable Unified Reliability (ASUR) family of reliability test products provides a range of solutions for different needs, budgets, experience levels and strategies. The Single Device Reliability (ASUR SDR) product provides a PC and instruments-based solution for single device-at-a-time reliability testing with modest equipment investment using proven reliability test algorithms. ASUR SDR complements the parallel, multi-site
ASUR PDR product which provides advanced accelerated to long-term reliability test with higher throughput.

ASUR SDR is a high-performance, low-cost, accelerated reliability and parametric solution for single-site testing that incorporates the proven accelerated techniques of Core Wafer Systems PDQ-WLR using instruments-based solutions. ASUR SDR is part of the ASUR scalable set of solutions: one hardware, one software, from instruments to system testers.

Reliability test with confidence

JEDEC Standard reliability test algorithms in ASUR are in their fifth generation. This suite is a fully tested and supported with over 10 years of in-field experience and validation.

  • Electromigration (EM)
  • Bias Temperature Stress (BTS)
  • Gate Oxide Integrity (GOI)
  • Hot Carrier Injection (HCI)
  • Bias Temperature Instability (BTI)

Keysight instruments supported:

  • Keysight 4155/6 B/C
  • Keysight E5250, B2200 and B2201 switch matrix
  • Keysight 81110A, 8114A pulse generators
  • Keysight 4284A CV meter
  • Keysight 4294A impedance analyzer
  • Keysight E5288A ASU, atto-sense unit
  • Keysight 41000-400 to -100 series systems
  • Keysight power supplies

PDQ-WLR® is a registered trademark of Core Wafer Systems