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J6818A ATM25 Line Interface Module (LIM)

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.


The J6818A LIM helps network professionals isolate and resolve network problems quickly.

Note that generation at the first software release is limited to through-mode repeater functionality. Other generation functionality will be available in a subsequent software release.

  • Can be used with the J6800A Network Analyzer, J6801A Distributed Network Analyzer, and J6802B Distributed Network Analyzer MX platforms.
  • Hot-swappable - the LIM can be removed safely while an application is running and another LIM inserted in its place; the current application terminates and the user can launch another suitable application for the new LIM without having to power down and restart the analyzer
  • Operates at 25.6 Mb/s over twisted pair cable via RJ-45 connectors with applications in ADSL and 3G networks
  • Has two receivers to provide bi-directional monitoring capability and two electrical outputs· Analysis at all layers of ATM traffic
  • Auto-discovery of the VPI-VCIs of up to 4,096 ATM virtual channels
  • Real-time simultaneous AAL-2 and AAL-5 reassembly on up to 4096 virtual channels (user controls which)
  • Hardware filters for capture and analysis based on VPI-VCI (other hardware filtering is provided in the related internal data acquisition system of the analyzer platform)
  • Delivery of frames and/or cells to the related internal data acquisition system in the analyzer for full rate capture and analysis
  • Real-time line status and statistics
  • ATM Policing, Traffic Contract Estimation and 1-point CDV on multiple virtual circuits simultaneously