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N9201A Array Structure Parametric Test System

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This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

General features

  • Option for 4070 Series and 4080 Series of parametric testers
  • Multi-channel SMU measurement capability
  • One pass platform on 4070/4080 Series
  • Concurrent TEG test/measurement

Measurement capabilities

  • Up to 40 SMU channels
  • 5 picoamp and 100 microvolt measurement resolution
  • Address signal generation
  • SMU embedded program memory for concurrent measurement

Application for BEOL/Yield ramp Up

  • Good for BEOL TEG testing (Resistor,Vth,etc.)
  • Concurrent measurement resource for High/Low resolution TEG part
  • Improve existing 4070's or 4080's throughput drastically for BEOL TEG testing

Addressable array test structure test capability

  • Address Generation Function on Parametric Tester
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control) for DFM
  • Up to 32 bit parallel address signal generation
  • Up to 8 V/125 mA/50 kbps address signal generation


The Keysight N9201A provides a parametric test solution for the yield ramp-up phase by allowing users to test more structures in less time and with greater throughput. With the new Keysight N9201A, Keysight's 4070 and 4080 production parametric testers now offer a per-channel SMU (source/monitor unit) architecture that supports up to 40 total SMUs, five times more SMUs than previously available in a single tester, for extremely fast characterization of in-line array test structures. In addition to a per-channel SMU architecture, the N9201A features an address generation function, allowing engineers to do advanced array matrix testing.

  • Our new application note describes how you can improve the parametric test throughput with the Keysight N9201A
  • 40 total SMU’s, five times more SMUs than previously available in a single tester, provides extremely fast characterization of in-line array test structures
  • Fast, high throughput measurements for yield ramp-up phase, for either back-end of line (BEOL) testing or during in-line test
  • Tests larger amounts of test elements, such as resistor arrays and active matrix arrays, than was possible with previous solutions
  • Per-channel SMU architecture
  • Address generation function for advanced array matrix testing
  • Configurations available from 8 to 40 SMUs