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Key Features & Specifications

Smart and fast measurements

  • Auto Tune — for auto signal search
  • 9.2 ms non-zero span sweep time
  • One-button power measurement suite (Channel power, ACPR, SEM, OBW, TOI)

Easy front panel and remote operation

  • Intuitive GUI offering 11 languages
  • Standard USB connectivity for test automation and memory stick support
  • SCPI command set for remote control

Other Information


The N9320A provides fast and easy measurements for consumer electronics manufacturing test applications. The N9320A offers:

  • Fast measurement speed – best for mass production manufacturing tests, service and repair tasks.
  • Light weight and portable – good for field installation and maintenance tasks.
  • Full function spectrum analyzer with an affordable price – fits your tight budget and helps you reduce costs.

The new N9320B is an enhancement version over the N9320A, offering improved measurement accuracy and reliability, as well as new measurement personalities, such as AM/FM, ASK/FSK demodulation, EMI filter bandwidth and GPIB connectivity. Three reasons to choose the N9320B.