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Key Features & Specifications

AM Features

  • Log mode: up to 40 dB
  • Linear mode: 100% maximum depth

FM Features

  • DC to 3 MHz modulation rates
  • 20 MHz maximum deviation

ΦM Features

  • DC to 4 MHz modulation rates
  • 10 rad maximum deviation

Other features

  • Simultaneously enable multiple modulation sources
  • Internal sine-wave generator for driving AM, FM, and ΦM


Flexible Analog Modulation

Option UNT can generate internally or externally driven AM, FM, and øM signals.

Typical Application

Option UNT is recommended for testing analog communications systems, simulating unwanted modulation on a carrier, or simulating interfering signals when performing receiver tests.

Additionally, Option UNT simulates telemetry tones for satellite receiver tests requiring FM or satellite communication traffic with the addition of external modulation source for frequency shift keying (FSK).

Ideal for radar receiver tests, Option UNT generates complex signals consisting of simultaneous AM, FM, or pulse modulation (Option UNU) to simulate real-world threats, or frequency-stable chirp signals to test radar receiver range resolution.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.