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TS-5020 Automotive Electronics Functional Test System (with Tire Pressure Monitoring System add-on Solution)

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Signal Switching: Up to 224 x 4 Matrix
  • Load Switching: Up to 32-ch x 30Amp & 64-ch x 7.5Amp & 80-ch x 5Amp & 192-ch x 2Amp
  • RF Switching: Up to 4 cards of Quad 1 x 4 RF Switch (DC-3GHz)
  • Power Sources: Up to 400W Modular Power Supply
  • Measurement: 6.5 Digit DMM, 2-ch 350 MHz Counter
  • Stimulus: Single Channel 16-Bit 30 MHz ARB, 4-ch 16-Bit DAC
  • Additional Instruments: 4-ch 500 MHz Oscilloscope, 2-ch & 4-ch Digitizers E-Load Capability
  • For more information, please visit: Keysight TS-5020 Product Note


The Keysight TS-5020 Automotive Functional Test System is a low cost, scalable test system designed with “just-enough-test” concept for medium complexity electronic control modules, such TPMS, RKE and body electronic modules

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