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Key Features & Specifications

A majority of the functionality in the product is available through other commercially-available tools that have broader adoption. If you are a current user of T&M Toolkit, your product will continue to work as-is and you can continue to use it in your test system.

Below is a list of replacement products or tools that are available for your use as you migrate off of T&M Toolkit:

  • Interactive IO - now included with Keysight IO Libraries Suite
  • IO Monitor - now included with Keysight IO Libraries Suite
  • Instrument Explorer for managing your system and connections - Keysight Connection Expert included with Keysight IO Libraries Suite
  • Instrument Explorer for configuring your instrument drivers - MATLAB Instrument Control Toolbox (tmtool)
  • Direct IO - convert to the equivalent VISA COM Commands
  • Math Functions - MATLAB
  • Test Automator - Keysight TestExecSL
  • Graphs - depending upon your needs, there are many commercially-available graphs available from Microsoft VSIP Partners


Keysight T&M Toolkit with Test Automation is a suite of tools and libraries for building electronic test, measurement, and instrument control applications in Microsoft® Visual Studio®. The T&M Toolkit provides tools, wizards, and instrument-related classes to speed your Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual C++ test and measurement application development. It adds Keysight´s extensive instrument and measurement expertise to the power and ease of use of Visual Studio. The result is a great development platform for T&M engineers!

  • T&M Toolkit 2.1 with Test Automation allows free distribution of your Test Automator runtime applications, provides enhanced results from your instrument data, and integrates with Visual Studio 2005.
  • T&M Toolkit 2.0 with Test Automation integrates with Visual Studio 2003.

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