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Key Features & Specifications

  • Variable pulse width (20 ns minimum)
  • Variable repetition rate (up to 10 MHz)
  • 80 dB on/off ratio
  • 10 ns rise and fall time
  • Superior level accuracy


Generate pulsed signals

The E8663B equipped with Option UNW enhances the standard pulse capability of the signal generator with the ability to generate pulse modulated signals as narrow as 20 ns. Pulse parameters, such as pulse width and repetition rate, can be set internally or controlled via an external source. Pulse performance is carrier frequency dependent, see the data sheet for details.

Typical application
Option UNW is recommended for testing radar, communications, and control systems that employ pulse modulation or those that will experience pulse modulated interference when deployed. Applications include component and power amplifier test with CW pulses, antenna test and radar receiver test with modulated pulses, and interference signal generation with high power pulses.

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