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Key Features & Specifications

  • Fits standard 482.6 mm (19 inch) rack
  • Occupies four rack units (EIA units) in the cabinet, 177mm (7.0 inch)


Install the E8663B into a standard 19 inch EIA rack cabinet

The E8663B equipped with Option 1CM supplies a rackmount flange kit, which contains a pair of flanges and the necessary hardware to mount the signal generator into EIA standard 19 inch (482.6 mm) rack cabinets. The flanges attach to the signal generator using the pre-existing holes in the instrument case, and secure the signal generator to the front mounting column of the rack.

These flanges do not have a notch for handles, and therefore cannot be used for instruments that have handles. If you need a rackmount kit with handles, refer to E8663B-1CP.