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N2640A WireScope Pro

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

LAN Cabling Certification

  • TIA Categories 3/5e/5/6/6A
  • ISO/IEC Classes C, D, E, EA, F
  • Alien Crosstalk measurement to certify copper lines for 10GBASE-T in minutes
  • Rocket fast Category 6A and Class F Autotest in 11 seconds

Industry Approvals

  • Complies with IEC/ISO Level IV and TIA/EIA Level IIIe accuracy specifications, certified by ETL
  • Complies with IEC/ISO Level IV accuracy specifications, certified by ETL
  • View the certificate for Cat 6A
  • View the certificate for Class F

Multimode and Single Mode Fiber Certification

  • Loss and Length up to 8 km (Multimode)/ 50 km (Single Mode)
  • Optical Power: ±0.25 dB Accuracy
  • New dual-wavelength Fiber SmartProbes eliminate fiber swapping for two-wavelength testing
  • ScopeData Pro II Software for report generation and post-processing ScopeData Pro II Software


This product has been discontinued by Keysight on July 31, 2009, and it is no longer available. Technical support will be available for at least 5 years beyond the discontinuance date, and WireScope/FrameScope accessory products will continue to be sold for the next 5 years:

The new WireScope Pro extends the WireScope 350's capabilites to Category 6A and Classes EA and F cable certification. Cable and network installers gain maximum productivity through industry-leading measurement time, re-designed fiber probes and a new, simultaneous Alien Crosstalk test method.

The new WireScope Pro is optimized for testing efficiency: industry-leading measurement speed boosts the test throughput. New Fiber SmartProbes cut test times of optical links by eliminating the need to swap fibers for dual wavelength testing and calibration.

Keysight’s newly developed Alien Crosstalk (AXT) test solution provides superior AXT measurement performance by employing a new, extremely fast and cost-efficient methodology. The new simultaneous measurement method shortens test times from hours to minutes.


  • Cat 3 to 6A/ Class C to E, EA and F copper cable certification
  • Innovative N2648A Alien Crosstalk Stimulator Kits certify copper links for 10GBASE-T in minutes
  • Test across AC coupled PoE midspan devices
  • Multimode and single mode fiber certification for length and loss
  • Future-proof through 1…1000 MHz frequency range and software upgradeability
  • Optional N2648A Alien Crosstalk Stimulator Kits certify copper links for 10GBASE-T in minutes
  • Alien Crosstalk measurement to enable 10GBASE-T
  • Real-time spectral analysis of External (Ambient) Noise to characterize cables in a live network
  • User friendly with vendor managed cable database, pre-defined settings and a full workday of battery life
  • Automatic detection of remote connection improves operator efficiency
  • Supports Autotest and continuous measurement
  • Talkset for easy communication between operators
  • Export test reports into PDF and XML formats

Products & Services

  • ScopeData Pro II Software Scope Data Pro II provides high-quality Scope Data Pro II provides high-quality printed reports with professionally designed report formats incorporating company logos, proportionally formatted text, circuit schematics and plots. Click here