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81480B Tunable Laser Source

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

  • Wavelength Range: 1375 to 1495nm
  • Max. Output Power + 5.5dBm (Output2)
  • Max. Tuning Speed: 80nm/s with Dynamic Specifications
  • Wavelength Accuracy (abs.): ±10pm


The Keysight 81480B Tunable Laser Source covers both E- and S- band (1370 to 1495nm). It is specially designed for testing critical DWDM passive components

Keysight "A" Tunable Laser Sources can be upgraded.

The Keysight 81480B is specially designed for the 1400nm band. It has a continuous sweep through full wavelength range with mode-hop free tuning over full wavelength range. The 81480B also includes four complete spectral bands (E-, S-, C-, and L-band) coverage with two lasers, fast tuning speed with dynamic specification, low source spontaneous emission output for high dynamic range, high power optical output for optical amplifier test, built-in real-time wavelength meter, and Panda type polarization maintaining fiber outputs.