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N7615A Signal Studio for 802.16 OFDMA

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

Signal Creation

  • Single- and multi-carrier 802.16 Mobile WiMAX™ and WiBRO
  • Flexible frame configuration: downlink, uplink, or both
  • Configure zones, bursts, and MAC PDUs
  • FCH, DL-MAP, and UL-MAP automatically generated

Signal Generator Control and Additive Impairments

  • Compatible signal generators: E4438C ESG
  • Control frequency, amplitude and ALC, waveform scaling, triggers, markers, and more
  • I/Q impairments and real-time AWGN
  • Real-time fading with Baseband Studio

Automation and Communication Interface

  • Automate test with .NET API and SCPI
  • API HELP system
  • LAN and GPIB

Other Features

  • Graphs: I(t), Q(t), I(t)+Q(t), P(t), spectrum, CCDF, frame structure


Create Mobile WiMAX waveforms

Signal Studio for 802.16 OFDMA enables you to easily create waveforms that comply with WirelessMAN-OFDMA PHY in the IEEE 802.16-2004 and 802.16e standards. The software's intuitive graphical user interface provides convenient access to the physical and basic MAC layer parameters, including bandwidth, cyclic prefix ratio (G), and frame length, providing the versatility you need to configure waveforms for both component and receiver design verification and testing. Download your OFDMA waveform files to the E4438C ESG vector signal generator for playback.

Example waveform setup files are available to help you get started with the software. Example waveform setup files for 802.16 OFDMA